Changing Attitude -
ARKO/Takuya Hamajima/
Ryosuke Harashima


We are holding a trio exhibition titled "Changing Attitude – ARKO / Takuya Hamajima / Ryosuke Harashima." They are all working with Japanese traditional materials or techniques from their own new perspectives. ARKO is a female artist who is receiving a lot of attention because of the collaboration with LOEWE at this Salone. Takuya Hamajima who creates through mixing various kinds of materials. Ryosuke Harashima who has his base in the craft city Kanazawa. Although they have each style, all of them have a new common attitude which is different from the traditional way. Please stop by and see their works.

Date : 22 June - 15 July 2019
Hours : 13 : 00 - 19 : 00
Closed on 25 June, 2, 3, 10, 11 July

2-7-1-1F Ebisuminami Shibuya-ku Tokyo

Straw artist. She is making a wall sculpture from rice straws. Her way of creating is not weaving straws but stitching them with thread. Due to her originality, she got one of the finalists for LOEWE Craft Prize 2018. At this year's Salone, She collaborated with LOEWE and made leather artwork replaced rice straw.

Takuya Hamajima
He is making works by mixing different materials such as steel, wood, and ceramic through his intelligent harmonizing sense. Although he works with several materials, he is especially interested in ceramic and looking for a new way of using the material, which is different from the traditional way.

Ryosuke Harashima
He is making furniture by utilizing Japanese old folk crafts and antiques. He took notice of Japanese tools used in old days, and create quite new furniture by combing the tools with contemporary industrial materials.